Sunday, May 16, 2010

The only thing you should learn from this website.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Mr. Chris Broderick. Yes, I'm a big Marty Friedman fan, but NO, I won't talk shit about Mr. Broderick, because I've seen him play some jazzy stuff and I liked it.

Nevertheless, I'd like you to watch the following video :

Now here is my piece of advice, and if you must learn only one thing from this website, it should be the following statement :

Any solo that doesn't feature a single bend is A PIECE OF SHIT !


Blogger Massimo said...

Hallo. Your blog is fucking awesome! Would to know how did i find it? I searched "Dragonforce sucks" with Google. So i read your post that explained why they sucks in a way that i totally agreed with. Then i read some other posts, and i found them really interesting and agreeable.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Robert Patrick said...

Yeah, 99,9% of people coming here searched "Dragonforce sucks"... ;-D

Most people coming here take themselves a little bit too seriously too.

Glad you like my ranting.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Martinez Olivier said...

En lisant cet article et en cliquant sur la vidéo de Marty Friedman j'ai voulu voir d'autres vidéos et je suis tombé sur çà :

Je me suis dit tiens Paul Gilbert au japon et qui connait quelques mots mais surtout tiens cette fille ressemble beaucoup à Misa Shinozaki une actrice jav retirée.

Sinon bonne continuation

8:16 PM  
Blogger SeoTerms said...

Haha..I just impressed to watch the video. Playing Guitar Is My Passion Hope, I'll learn something about playing guitar and enjoy the guitar website. :)

5:30 PM  

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