Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guitarists I won't ever talk shit about : Marty Friedman

Why will I never talk shit about Marty ? Because Marty is awesome, and if you've been joining the spineless crowd that calls him a weaboo because he's been living in Japan, congratulations, you've made it into my "class A assholes" book.

To my great despair, Marty Friedman is still very underrated as a guitar soloist (regular absent of "best guitar soloist of the year" polls), and I RAAAAAGE every time I stumble upon some video of him and Paul Gilbert, and guys in the comments think that Paul is a better soloist than Marty.

Protip : Paul is a great and reliable guitar player, but a horrible soloist, and I can sense from miles away guitar players that have been influenced by Paul as a soloist (especially in Japan) : they suck. Even Paul himself said so (he actually said that students influenced by him sounded shitty, whereas students influenced by The Beatles sounded great). If you want to know, I think he's actually more of a Jimmy Page-like player, coming up with great riffs and all.
Yes, copypasta of your drills into a song and calling it a solo makes you a horrible soloist : Paul is a scales&patterns kind of soloist, wich is the shittiest way of soloing ever. Watch that "terrifying difficulties" video above, find some melodic phrasing in his soloing and prove me wrong.
Plus Marty has a much MUCH better tone.

Things that objectively makes Marty a great guitar player and soloist :
- fucking awesome tone.
- fucking awesome tightness in the rhythm.
- fucking awesome left hand technique (vibrato, bends, etc.).
- his soli are always about melody and phrasing, not about ripping some mechanical patterns he's been rehearsing for hours.

Things that fit my personal tastes in Marty's playing :
- great use of tensions and fucked up notes nobody is expecting, plus awesome resolutions (Marty's solo starts at 3'43").
- original soloing for every song. I mean no disrespect for people like Steve Morse or Yngwie Malmsteen, for instance, but seriously : you've heard one of their soli, you've heard them all. These guys, as good as they are, they're overusing their gimmicks, it's to the point where I could pick up 3/4 of their soli by ear just by linking gimmicks.
There is no such thing as gimmicks in Marty's playing and I find that absolutely stunning. Joe Satriani and Steve Vai also have gimmicks, but not Marty.
Of course he's using gimmicks of structures (like, repetition), but nothing such as licks.

And no, I won't even say shit about his WTF?!-way of holding his pick...