Friday, June 26, 2009

Guitarists I won't ever talk shit about : Zakk Wylde

Since I've been dissing and ranting for a long time, I thought it may be cool to explicit that there are still some players that deserve some praise.

Why will I never talk shit about Zakk Wylde ? Well, first of all, because the guy looks like a fucking Viking, and if I were to badmouth him, I probably wouldn't live long enough to brag about it to my friends.

To be perfectly honest, I know nearly nothing of his work with Ozzy Osbourne, and I didn't like the few songs I heard from Black Label Society.
The only thing I really know of Zakk is his "Book of Shadows" album.

Book of Shadows is probably one of the best guitar albums ever recorded. EVER. Not only is that album perfect in every aspect of Zakk Wylde's talent, from songwriting to performance – not only on the guitar or any instrument the guy could lay his hands on, but also as lead vocalist –, the album is also perfectly crafted.

Do you think Zakk would let anyone mess with all those tracks he recorded himself (since he plays nearly every instrument on the record) ? You bet he wouldn't ! So he had the legendary Bob Clearmountain mix all those tracks and there you have it : the album just sounds perfect.
I swear if you're one of those guys who don't mind listening to that album as ripped 128kbps .mp3, I curse you to play on Chinese-made shitty guitars for your whole life, since you don't deserve any better.
The cover, the booklet, the art direction, everything contributes to making that album a jewel.

No one could ever listen to that album and not think highly of Zakk Wylde.
And I'm not even talking about his stage presence nor his hardcore interviews...