Monday, February 11, 2008

Nuno was damn right !

If you've ever read interviews of Nuno Bettencourt, you know that the man gets a bit pissed off when he's asked for transcriptions of his licks. The reason is that Nuno learnt everything by ear, spending countless hours to understand what he was listening to, and he thinks that giving tablatures to people is spoiling them.
When you start the guitar, you may think that it's kind of extreme (no pun intended), and that Nuno should be a little more tolerant and cooperative.

Then you grow older, hopefully a better guitar player, and you stumble upon this video. The reason I didn't embed it is because I want you to go read the comments. Right now there are 49 comments, out of which only one says it's bad (in Spanish).
All the other comments are from deaf assholes who honestly think the guy nailed the solo, when he's playing something that's very far from the original "Kiss of Death" solo, and he even makes mistakes.
How in the world is that possible ? There is even one guy who says "Incorporating Open string soloing (:53) was a REAL eye-opener !"
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING ?! How can you listen to the original solo and NOT realize it's played with the open E string ?!

People, you just kill me.

Here is another version of the "Kiss of Death" solo. As said in the comments, it's probably the best version on Youtube, and the guy actually nailed it (some fingerings don't look very Lynchesque, though...) :

I have one problem with that version, though : it doesn't sound right. As some people said in the comments : he's a clean player. Too clean. He's playing that solo like he learnt it from tabs, there is no rage in his playing, his vibrato is too soft. If Lynch plays it like a tiger, this guy plays it like a cat.
Granted, he knows how to play it and should be able to add some rage in it easily.

But people, please use your ears : it's not because you've got the notes under your fingers that you're playing the same thing. There is a lot more to music than the notes.


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