Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Common sense

Here is a piece of advice few guitar teachers will give you because it's a bit out of the "guitar lesson" domain, but since I've seen this mistake many times, I thought I should give you some warning about how you should treat your amp. I suppose many of you go to their friends places to play, or put their amps in their cars when they go to a studio or to a gig.

How should you lay your amp in your car ?

Well, I've seen MANY people lay their amps with the face (where the sound comes from and the brand name is visible) upward. You SHOULDN'T do that.
There is a speaker inside of your amp and that speaker consists of a cone ending with a magnet. That magnet is pretty heavy and if you put your amp with the face upward, it means every vibration of your car and the Earth gravity will make that heavy magnet pull on the membrane and may eventually tear it.

An even worse way of laying your amp would be to have it "standing", because the up and down vibrations of your car are perpendicular to the direction the membrane is supposed to move (forth and back for a standing amp) !
The best way to lay your amp in your car is face downward, so the magnet is on the top of the cone, thus reducing the vibrations (the weight of the magnet prevents the membrane of the cone from moving too much).
Just my 2 cents.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mr Nox 1 - Ibanez 0

Hello folks, Happy New Year to everyone !

You may not play on Gibson, but you might be interested by this article.

Now take a closer read at this quote : "Steve Vai, for example, told me he realized that he can play chords now that he couldn’t play before because they always sounded wrong."

Hey, what's that ? Chords sounded wrong on those fabulous white JEM ? Steve Vai, The God Of Guitar can't get his Ibanez shit properly in tune ? Woah, I'm shocked !