Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kicking your ass all over...

Hello everyone ! Remember when I said I'd post videos of my friend when there would be some ?
Well, it's NOW !
My friend Fred eventually got rid of his procrastination and got himself a decent internet access, so it's no problem any longer for him to upload/download big files. As soon as I knew that, I asked him for some of his videos because I knew it would kick ass.
The video hereafter is Fred playing Greg Howe's "Bad Racket" tune. I chose this one because there are some misses so you know he is playing it for real. And since the song is not played in its entirety, I hope it's OK with copyright stuff too... ;-).

Unlike most of people who put shitty videos of themselves on Youtube, Fred only makes videos for himself, just to get some objective recording, check his mistakes and play better. I was the one who made it a Youtube vid so I can embed it on my site.
Fred is a dedicated guitar player who has not yet mastered the axe but still plays like a badass motherfucker (take note : all my friends are badass motherfuckers !), as you can see. He's also one of the nicest guy out there.
Keep on shredding, dude !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's great.
Badass as you just said.
I like that blog RP, I used to read your chronicles and your japanese lessons, but I'll also check that blog cuz you talk AGAIN about something I love:
Rock and its derivated styles ( I'm more focused on metal most of time)
Therefore, I'm in :P

3:34 PM  

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