Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back to the old house...

Today I'm in a special mood, so I'm going to teach you the most important thing of all. Free.

Do you know why you probably suck as a guitar player ? Because you probably take lessons with the kind of teacher that is going to teach you the 5 positions for each scale, teach you tapping, sweeping, and will make a perfect shredder out of you. Or worse, a fusion guitar player capable of smoothly improvise over weird chords changes. You're doomed.

You see, your teacher thinks it's the right thing to do because he was very influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen, or Allan Holdsworth, or Eddie Van Halen, or any other guitar player who could play some great rock n'roll stuff and bang the girls. Play clean, play fast, know which note to play on which chord and you're the king.

Your teacher has probably never heard of Johnny Marr. Which is too bad, because there is most probably more genius in one song of Johnny Marr than in the whole discography of Steve Vai. Oops.
Nowadays, teacher are just turning aspiring guitar players into brainless turds who will spend hours in their rooms improvising with a sequencer. You will be the best improviser of your room and instead of releasing records and build great songs that millions of people could enjoy, you will just show your face on in a feeble attempt to impress other guitar players.
The only way to music you've been shown is the path of technique : you spend hours on your instrument and you can play like Steve Vai. But a harsh and hidden truth awaits you : if you've done so well, it's just because the technical gap is an easy one to fill.
The most difficult gap is the taste one. That one you won't be able to fill only with hours of improvisation over a 3-chords pattern.
Be aware that your guitar heroes will mean absolutely nothing in the Music History when compared to bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd. You won't find any swept arpeggio in the recordings of these bands and they probably don't play as clean and as fast as your heroes, or even as you, but they definitely spent less time in their rooms than you do.