Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Your assholeness scientifically proven

First of all, I have to say that the theory hereafter has been made public some years ago by French guitarist and teacher extraordinaire Michel Sigwalt.

So you think you can play fast as long as you want and that people will still care for what you're playing ?

Actually, human's ear (or rather brain) naturally functions according to the Fibonacci numbers (also known as "sequence of Fibonacci", more infos here). Basically, it goes like this :
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ,21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.

You take a number and add the previous number to get the next number. Pretty easy.

So your brains works like this : it will care about the first note, about the second note, the third, the fifth, etc. As you can see above, the more numbers you get in the sequence, the larger the gaps.

What does that mean, music-wise ?

It simply means that when you've reached the 145th note in your solo (and the faster you play, the faster it comes), people's brain won't give a damn until you play the 233th note. That's right, all the notes in between could be played for nothing. This especially applies to all the bluesy-pentatonic shit you use to play for hours as soon as you encounter some A7 chord.

Now there are some good news and some bad news...

The bad news is that most of the notes you're playing are certainly played in vain. Well, it's highly unlikely that ALL the notes you play are important, or at least equally important anyway...

The good news is that you can take that piece of information and make it work to your advantage by :
a) making short soli, in order for most of the notes you play to be paid attention to. Highly recommended.
b) making your soli more and more interesting and appealing with time, so the brain keeps on paying attention to what you're playing. Nice examples would be John Petrucci's "Under a Glass Moon" solo (Dream Theater's "Images and Words" album), or Steve Stevens' "Look in her eyes" solo (Vince Neil's "Exposed" album),

This explains why I couldn't help falling asleep during John Petrucci's solo in his "Damage control" (from the "G3 in Tôkyô") : too many notes, or - to be more precise - too many useless notes. That shit was boring as hell.

Now you can keep on shredding, losers.


Blogger MS said...

Dear NOX,

Thank you for quoting my theory.

The book where it's developped is called: "Le Solo" / Ed. Play-Music Publishing / France.

Very Best Regards !

Michel S.

1:12 AM  

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