Sunday, November 19, 2006


Here is an important lesson : if you have to show yourself playing something, you'd better look good.

Look at this video

This guy's name is Adam Fulara and he's really good at what he does. You can even say amazing. The only problem is that you probably spent 1 second looking at his hands and the rest of the video looking at his face, wondering what kind of giant turd he was about to drop (you can read the comments for this video, everybody says the same thing).
As a guitar player, I know that his face is just the expression of his brain about to melt because he has to figure out the independent movements of both hands. But he should have chosen another angle so you can see his guitar better and not his face. This reminds me of Billy Sheehan saying that he voted for Paul Gilbert during the L.A Guitar Wars because Paul was the only one not to look like he was about to commit suicide should he miss a lick.
Looking like a moron when you're playing alone in your room is one thing, showing yourself playing on Youtube is another. The same goes if you're going to play onstage.
Try to look good because not everybody in the audience is good enough of a guitar player to be able to judge you on what you play rather than on how you play it.


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