Saturday, November 18, 2006

First lesson...

First of all, I'm here to talk about music. If you think I'm going to teach you scales and modes and all that stuff, I have 2 things to tell you :

1) You're damn wrong, you'll find plenty of sites out there to teach you that.
2) It's precisely what those sites won't teach you that I will. So you'd better stay tuned.

Speaking of which, have you ever met someone who could swear that Kirk Hammett (Metallica's soloist) is a Guitar God, the best guitar player in the world, a guitar player that combines speed and taste ?
Well, that person is WRONG. Kirk Hammett is one of the most overrated guitar players in the world, and I'll tell you why : Kirk Hammett plays out of tune.

Have you ever watched those "instructional videos" tapes or DVDs that teach you tapping, sweeping, modes and "how to play like *insert name here*" ? All of them, and I'm saying ALL OF THEM share the very same first step : tuning up your guitar.
Think about it : the teacher doesn't only want you to be in tune with him so you can jam along with the video, since you can't. Most of the time you have to hit "pause" to play the exercices and there is no jam session in those instructional videos.
What the teacher wants you to understand is that playing in tune is the very first step in learning to play the guitar. Playing in tune is ESSENTIAL.
It seems mister Hammett skipped this first step. Music-wise, Metallica's"Ride the lightning" is an excellent album that, unfortunately, I'm unable to listen to just because mister Hammett makes it sound so out of tune that it's just unbearable. And in case you're wondering, I don't even have perfect pitch, go figure...

You may play fast, you may play loud, but check that you play in tune. And I'm not talking about your guitar, I'm talking about you.


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