Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Attack of the clones

Do you remember the name of all those guys who used to play "neo-classical" stuff and tried to play minor harmonic scales faster than the speed of light just to be the next Yngwie Malmsteen ?
You probably don't and neither do I, because all those wankers were stillborn.
The problem is that our fellows musicians tend to have a short memory and the new trend seems to be playing like Greg Howe.
I remember the time when I had to lend my own "Introspection" CD to my guitar teacher because he didn't know Greg Howe had an album out. He lent me Stephen Ross' "Midnight Drive" in exchange, and I was very happy about it.

Oh, you don't know who Greg Howe is ? Check this out :

While I do agree that being able to play like Greg is something any guitar player must be craving for (me included), playing like Greg is certainly a bad idea because, as musical history has already shown, the fate of clones is to die without a name.

So unless you happen to be Arkadiy Starodoub and you can play like this :

you'd better stop emulating Greg's playing and find a style of your own because if I ever want to put some Greg Howe in my ears I will probably listen to his stuff, not yours.


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